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Noah Arshinoff
Part-time professor

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Noah Arshinoff teaches Anti-Corruption law. He is a lawyer, business consultant and advocacy strategist with experience in the public, private, and association sectors. He has successfully advocated for amendments to various pieces of anti-corruption legislation and policy including strengthening Canada’s Integrity Framework, bolstering the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act and implementing Canada’s remediation agreement regime through an amendment to the Criminal Code. Noah has written numerous submissions to government and appeared before Parliamentary Committees to provide testimony on a wide range of issues.

For the past several years, Noah has worked as Senior Counsel with a Federal Crown Corporation where he provides advice related to regulatory and compliance issues in the financial sector.

Noah sits on various legal and policy-oriented bodies such as Transparency International-Canada’s Legal Committee and the Canadian Bar Association’s Anti-Corruption Team. He has written for various publications including National Magazine, CCCA Magzine and Canadian International Lawyer.

Noah is an alumni of the French Common Law Program at the University of Ottawa.

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