Will Tao, JD '14, has been awarded the Canadian Bar Association Founder’s Award

Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Will Tao, JD ‘14, has been awarded the Canadian Bar Association Founder’s Award. The Award recognizes an exceptional law student or junior lawyer and a future leader of the CBA Immigration Law Section.

Will was also recently awarded a Canadian Law Blog Award (CLawbie) for his blog, Vancouver Immigration Blog, A passionate advocate of Canadian Immigration and Refugee Law, when we told him we were going to write an article to showcase his new award, he simply requested to use the platform to highlight  the topic of his paper presented during CBA Immigration Law Online Presentation on June 5, titled : Re-Centering the Resilience and Resistance of Migrant Women of Colour: Exploring the Potential of Intersectionality and Indigenous Approaches to Immigration Appeals.

When presenting his paper on his blog, Will highlighted the need for a judicial system that would look beyond the traditional western-male-privilege structure. He also discussed the possibilities of alternative modes of resolutions by considering Intersectionality and Indigenous approaches.

“This is just a start, but I hope it sparks something or some ideas for needed reform.” – Will Tao

Will practices exclusively in the field of Canadian Immigration and Refugee Law at the  full-service Canadian immigration and refugee law firm Edelmann and Co. Law Offices based in his hometown of Vancouver, B.C.

Congratulations Will on your award and on your continuous social engagement.

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