Vanessa Gruben earns CIHR grant to support research activities related to health aspects of cannabis, opioids and tobacco

Posted on Monday, June 24, 2019

Professor Vanessa Gruben has earned a Planning and Dissemination Grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to support the activities of the Ottawa Hub for Harm Reduction (the Hub), an interdisciplinary network of researchers focused on improving public health by developing harm reduction strategies related to substance abuse and addiction.

The Hub is currently focused on three topical "research clusters" of national interest: cannabis, opioids and tobacco. The funding from CIHR will support four planning and dissemination activities:

  • a summer workshop that will bring members of the cannabis cluster together to identify future research projects relating to harm reduction;
  • the creation of a series of bilingual videos describing the causes and consequences of the opioid crisis and illustrating the work of harm reduction services; as well as a series of bilingual toolkits describing the legal rights of individuals under the new legal frameworks;
  • a Café Scientifique for the public on the controversies of vaping;
  • the Hub's annual research meeting which brings members together to discuss future research projects and priorities.

Two members of the Hub, Common Law`s Colleen Flood and Patrick Fafard of the Faculty of Social Sciences, are co-investigators on this grant.

Under Professor Gruben`s leadership, the Ottawa Hub for Harm Reduction is providing an important multidisciplinary forum for uOttawa researchers to organize networks of scholars from across Canada and globally in pursuit of innovative harm reduction strategies. The Hub is administered by uOttawa’s Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics

Congratulations to Professor Gruben!

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