uOttawa Student, Dahlia James, helped conduct research which led to a landmark decision by the Supreme Court of Canada

Posted on Friday, February 1, 2019

Last year Dahlia James, a University of Ottawa student who worked as a research assistant for Professor Malhotra and the Disability Rights Practicum, was part of a team that contributed research to a factum submitted for leave of appeal at the Supreme Court of Canada.

That appeal was granted, and on January 25th, 2019 the Supreme Court of Canada issued what Council of Canadians with Disabilities, the intervener in the case, called a landmark decision, saying it “ensures that many persons with disabilities can continue to access vital social programs they rely on to maintain an equal and adequate standard of living.”

When speaking about her experience last summer, Ms. James remarked that, “[W]hile working as a research assistant for Professor Malhotra, I had some of my most interesting and gratifying experiences of law school thus far. … I had the opportunity to both work with practicing lawyers and be part of the SCC appellate process. … It is my understanding that those who participate in the Disability Rights Practicum are regularly exposed to this kind of opportunity and I could not recommend it enough. It is hands-on, meaningful work that is otherwise hard to come by in our student setting.”    

The Disability Rights Practicum has been offered annually at the Faculty of Law since 2016. To learn more about the Practicum and the application process, please contact Professor Malhotra (Ravi.Malhotra@uOttawa.ca).

For more information about the CCD, please visit their website: http://www.ccdonline.ca/en/

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