University of Ottawa Common Law-Ecojustice Clinic successfully held the Ontario government accountable in court.

Posted on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

On October 11th, 2019, uOttawa Common Law - Ecojustice Clinic successfully held the Ontario government accountable for breaching Ontarians’ environmental rights: Two of three judges of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice found that the Ontario government acted illegally when it killed the province’s cap-and-trade carbon price without doing public consultation with Ontarians as required by the Environmental Bill of Rights.   

“Ontario's former cap-and-trade system, which linked markets with Quebec and California, aimed to lower emissions by capping the amount of pollution companies in certain industries were allowed to emit.

A cap-and-trade system sets a limit on greenhouse gas emissions, but allows companies below the cap to "trade" their unused allowance to larger polluters.” As explained by Nick Boisvert in his October 11th CBC article.

The University of Ottawa has partnered with Ecojustice, Canada’s largest environmental law organization, to establish the uOttawa-Ecojustice Environmental law Clinic.

The uOttawa-Ecojustice Environmental Law Clinic fills a major gap in Canada’s environmental capacity, by providing a long-needed public interest environmental law organization in the nation’s capital.

It is well-positioned to serve the environmental law and policy interests of both local and national clientele, including environmental, aboriginal and community groups in both official languages.

This latest legal victory by the uOttawa Common Law-Ecojustice Environmental Law Clinic is a definitive proof that the students played an important role through their research contributions and have a positive impact on the Ontario population.

It is with donor support that the clinic can be sustained to help train the next generation of environmental law and policy leaders.

Involving students in pressing environmental issues under the direct guidance of experienced lawyers and professors makes for a rich blend of rigorous academic training and invaluable work/life experience.

By supporting the Clinic, you will be making a sound investment in the future leaders of Canada’s legal and environmental movement.

Photo credit: Christopher Katsarov/The Canadian Press

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