Professor Vanessa MacDonnell Selected for Membership to Global Young Academy

Posted on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Professor Vanessa MacDonnell has been selected for membership to the prestigious Global Young Academy (GYA), a group of outstanding young scientists and scholars from around the world.

Professor MacDonnell has built an impressive reputation for ground-breaking research into complex constitutional questions, distinguishing herself with a stellar publishing record and a growing international reputation in the community of comparative public law scholars. The overarching question motivating her work is deceptively simple: as social changes create the need for constitutional rights to evolve, what mechanisms exist for populations to ensure that their fundamental rights remain protected? This is, in fact, an extremely complex jurisprudential and constitutional question, and one that is not widely treated by today’s legal scholars. Professor MacDonnell has made it her scholarly mission to think deeply and critically about rights protection, how rights evolve in a changing society, and the roles of both the courts and political actors in securing rights and freedoms. Her inclusion in the Global Young Academy is a testament to the relevance and timeliness of her research, as well as her ability to draw attention to legal matters of great importance to a broad audience.

The GYA provides a rallying point for outstanding young scientists and scholars from around the world, developing, connecting, and mobilizing new talent from six continents.  The Academy seeks to empower young researchers to lead international, interdisciplinary, and intergenerational dialogue with the goal to make global decision making evidence-based and inclusive.

Professor MacDonnell is the fourth member of the Faculty of Law to be accepted as a member of the GYA.  Common Law’s Suzanne Bouclin was selected in 2016; and both Marie-Eve Sylvestre of the Civil Law Section, and Sarah Morales, formerly a member of the Common Law Section, were selected in 2018.

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Congratulations to Professor MacDonnell!

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