Professor Stewart Elgie Receives SSHRC Partnership Grant for Large-scale Green Economy Initiative

Posted on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Common Law’s Professor Stewart Elgie has received a prestigious $2.5 million Partnership Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities research Council (SSHRC) for a 7-year project entitled “Greening Growth Partnership: Connecting Research with Policy for an Innovative, Sustainable Economy”.  As Project Director, Professor Elgie will team with 33 co-applicants (including Common Law’s Nathalie Chalifour and Jeremy de Beer), 14 collaborators, and 46 partner organizations to undertake the project.

According to a growing list of respected global economic authorities, the world is moving toward an economy that increasingly rewards countries (and companies) that are energy efficient and eco-innovative, and that pollute less while sustaining natural capital. This shift towards greener growth is driven by unprecedented and growing environmental stresses, along with an accelerating pace of technological change to address those problems. This changing global marketplace creates both economic opportunities and risks for all parts of Canada's economy, from clean tech to manufacturing to natural resources. To prosper in this emerging economy will require leadership by government at all levels.

The Greening Growth Partnership (GGP) is a knowledge partnership that brings together Canadian and international academics from different disciplines with policy, business and NGO leaders who share common interests. The goal of the partnership is to inform, develop, and mobilize knowledge of better policies to help Canada move towards an economy that generates wealth, jobs and prosperity with much less environmental impact. The GGP's co-applicants, collaborators and partners bring a great depth of expertise and experience across a range of academic disciplines, policy perspectives, and sectoral backgrounds – both domestically and internationally. Project partners include government ministries (federal and provincial), industries and industry associations, NGOs, and prominent international research institutions. They represent a broad spectrum of experience on the issues and challenges of greening growth, both in Canada and globally, forming not only a key advisory group, but also essential receptors and transmitters of knowledge, to advance meaningful policy change.

SSHRC’s Partnership Grants support formal partnerships between academic researchers, businesses and other partners that will advance knowledge and understanding on critical issues of intellectual, social, economic and cultural significance. By fostering mutual co-operation and sharing of intellectual leadership, the grants allow partners to innovate, build institutional capacity and mobilize research knowledge in accessible ways.

Congratulations to Professor Elgie and all of his co-applicants and collaborators on this impressive and important achievement.

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