Professor John Packer named to Genocide Watch Board of Advisors

Posted on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Professor John Packer has been appointed to the prestigious Board of Advisors of Genocide Watch  joining eminent persons such as Lt. Gen. Roméo Dallaire, former Nuremberg Prosecutor Benjamin Ferencz, and former US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power.

Genocide Watch is a leading international NGO based in the USA.  It was founded by Dr Gregory Stanton who was a long-time Legal Adviser in the US State Department and served closely with Ambassador then Secretary Madeleine Albright.  In 1994, Dr Stanton received the American Foreign Service Association’s W. Averell Harriman award for “extraordinary contributions to the practice of diplomacy exemplifying intellectual courage” based on his dissent from U.S. policy on the Rwandan genocide.

On Professor Packer’s appointment, Dr Stanton commented: "Prof. Packer brings a demonstrated commitment, clarity of mind and respected voice at a time when the foundations of the international legal order are under attack.  Prof. Packer is not only an authority on international law.  He has helped to create it and make it effective."

John Packer holds the Neuberger-Jesin Professorship in International Conflict Resolution and is the Director of the Human Rights Research and Education Centre at the University of Ottawa.  He joined the Faculty of Law in 2014 after serving the United Nations Department of Political Affairs as the Constitutions and Process Design Expert on the select Standby Team of Mediation Experts.  In his 30 year career, he has worked in over fifty countries, notably for the United Nations and for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).  He is a recognised expert on human rights, conflict prevention, and international mediation having contributed to the development of international standards and institutions such as the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities and the United Nations Office of the Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide .

Genocide Watch exists to predict, prevent, stop, and punish genocide and other forms of mass murder, and is the coordinating organization of the global Alliance Against Genocide.  Genocide Watch pro-actively raises awareness of specific high-risk situations, using predictive models such as “The Ten Stages of Genocide” , and supports national and international justice systems.

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