The pen is mightier! In a tumultuous year, Common Law researchers’ publications offer knowledge as an antidote to uncertainty

Posted on Thursday, December 10, 2020

While 2020 provided more than its fair share of disruptions, Common Law researchers repeatedly demonstrated a steadfast resilience, countering uncertain times with an exceptionally broad offering of knowledge and expertise. In 2020 alone, and in spite of COVID-19-related challenges, researchers from the Common Law Section published 17 books, covering a huge range of research topics.

From Vulnerable, a collection that tackled the COVID-19 crisis head-on, to Professor Aimée Craft’s engagement with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission ’s Calls to Action in Pathways of Reconciliation, researchers brought clarity and guidance to some of the most pressing issues facing Canadians.  Other contributions, like Professor Carissima Mathen’s The Tenth Justice and Professor Natasha Bakht’s In Your Face, delved into complex legal and political issues – years in the making – to offer detailed analysis of the stakes surrounding some of Canada’s most tangled legal conundrums.

Below is a list of the exceptional publications produced in 2020.  And it doesn’t stop there.  2021 will begin with an exciting new publication from editors Florian Martin-Bariteau and Teresa Scassa, entitled Artificial Intelligence and the Law in Canada, which, in addition to the contributions of Professors Martin-Bariteau and Scassa, will feature contributions from Common Law professors Marina Pavlović, Colleen Flood, Vivek Krishnamurthy, Jane Bailey, Amy Salyzyn, Wolfgang Alschner and Michael Geist, as well as contributions from Civil Law colleagues Jennifer Quaid and Céline Castets-Renard.  The book is now available for pre-order on LexisNexis.  Click here for more information.

Congratulations to all the authors and editors who published books in 2020!  At a time when knowledge seems more important than ever, your contributions offer guidance and reassurance.


Le secret ministériel : théorie et pratique
Yan Campagnolo
Presses de l'Université Laval
January 2020


“Canada” in International Encyclopaedia of Environmental Law, 4th ed.
Jamie Benidickson
Kluwer International
January 2020


Promoting and Managing International Investment: Towards an Integrated Policy Approach
J. Anthony VanDuzer and Patrick Leblond (eds)
February 2020


Is Two-Tier Health Care the Future?
Colleen Flood and Bryan Thomas (eds)
University of Ottawa Press
April 2020


The Tenth Justice: Judicial Appointments, Marc Nadon and the Supreme Court Act Reference
Carissima Mathen and Michael Plaxton
UBC Press
June 2020


Le droit des assurances dans les provinces de common law, 2e édition
Denis Boivin
June 2020


Vulnerable: The Law, Policy and Ethics of COVID-19
Colleen M. Flood, Vanessa MacDonnell, Jane Philpott, Sophie Thériault and Sridhar Venkatapuram (eds)
University of Ottawa Press
July 2020


Pathways of Reconciliation: Indigenous and Settler Approaches to Implementing the TRC’s Calls to Action
Aimée Craft and Paulette Regan (eds)
University of Manitoba Press
August 2020


Financial Skills for Professionals
Vern Krishna
Irwin Law
August 2020


Immigration and Refugee Law: Cases, Materials, and Commentary, 3rd edition
Sharryn J. Aiken, Colin Grey, Catherine Dauvergne, Gerald Heckman, Jamie Liew and Constance MacIntosh
Emond Publishing
August 2020


Quebec Contract Law, 3rd Edition
Sébastien Grammond, Anne-Françoise Debruche and Yan Campagnolo
Wilson & Lafleur
October 2020


In Your Face: Law, Justice and Niqab-Wearing Women in Canada
Natasha Bakht
Irwin Law
October 2020


Creating Indigenous Property: Power, Rights and Relationships
Angela Cameron, Sari Graben and Val Napoleon
University of Toronto Press
October 2020


Citizenship in a Connected Canada: A Research and Policy Agenda
Elizabeth Dubois and Florian Martin-Bariteau (eds)
University of Ottawa Press
November 2020


National Security Law, 2nd edition
Craig Forcese and Leah West
Irwin Law
December 2020


Top Secret Canada: Understanding the Canadian Intelligence and National Security Community
Stephanie Carvin, Thomas Juneau and Craig Forcese (eds)
University of Toronto Press
December 2020


The Canadian Yearbook of International Law / Annuaire canadien de droit international, vol 57
John Currie (ed)
Cambridge University Press
December 2020

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