To our donors: Common Law students cannot thank you enough

Posted on Wednesday, September 2, 2020

To contribute to this fund, please donate here or contact Karen Swain at

Thank you to our alumni who generously donated to the Common Law Emergency Fund at a critical time of this health crisis where we are all faced with uncertainty. Back in March, most students faced quick displacement and disruptions with their employment. Some also had the added stress of securing new living arrangements and keeping food on the table. All while completing their semester and exams.

We have received numerous messages of gratitude written to our donors from students who received these emergency bursaries. Your impact in their lives can be seen, and felt, by reading them. We’ve included a few below. 

In a time where there are still so many unknowns about what the future holds, we do know one thing for sure: our students will be needing more support.

This was not a quote-unquote “normal” summer for any of us, and for our students, this also included increased debt incurred due to emergencies and the continued disruption of summer employment.

Through your support, bursaries through the Common Law Emergency Fund will assist students with tuition and help them keep up with living, medical, and family care expenses.

To contribute to this fund, please donate here or contact Karen Swain at

From our students:

“Thank you so much for supporting me during a time when I was in desperate need. I was unable to work, I was forced to pay rent, and my parents were forced to close down their store and consequently were unable to support me. It was such a relief to be able to reach out to uOttawa for financial assistance during a time of crisis.”

“Your generosity during a trying time put groceries in the cupboard and allowed me to focus on finishing the semester without bearing the weight of dire financial stress. The bursary was a bridge that allowed me to get over the early days of the economic shutdown. I have since started a 2L summer position and will be articling at the same firm. Thank you and I hope to pay it forward soon!”

“Thank you to the donors for your contribution to the Common Law Emergency Fund. COVID-19 has impacted many people to differing degrees. Personally, I am immunocompromised and suffer from a severe form of lung disease, as a result, I have been self-isolating since March. The bursary helped to relieve significant financial stress as I fall into the highest "at-risk" bracket and cannot work. Thoughtful contributions by donors such as yourself have a tremendous impact and I cannot begin to express my gratitude. I hope I can pay this kindness forward one day. Thank you again.”

"I just wanted to take time and thank the donors for supporting such a meaningful fund that has helped so many people during these times. The fund helped me and my family during uncertain times and are truly appreciative for your support. It made me believe that UOttawa Common Law is more than an institution, it's a family."

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