New Publication from Professors Le Bouthillier and Nakache: Le droit de la citoyenneté au Canada

Posted on Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Image of Yves Le Bouthillier, Delphine, Delphine Nakache and their publication "Le droit de la citoyenneté au Canada"

Professor Yves Le Bouthillier has published a new book in collaboration with Professor Delphine Nakache at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The book, published in French, is entitled Le droit de la citoyenneté au Canada.

The book examines the transformation of the rights of Canadian citizenship during the past few years. The acquisition of citizenship, the grounds for its refusal or revocation, and the rights of Canadian citizens have undergone a series of legislative and regulatory amendments, as well as key judicial interpretations. Le droit de la citoyenneté au Canada analyzes the right of citizenship in its current state and examines the amendments that will come into force with the enactment of Bill C-6.

Yves Le Bouthillier is Vice-Dean, French Common Law Program and Full Professor at the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section. He teaches in international law, notably international human rights law, international environmental law, as well as in related fields, including immigration and refugee law. He also has a keen interest when it comes to the protection of linguistic minorities, and has co-edited a book on the subject.

Delphine Nakache is an Associate Professor at the School of International Development and Global Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa. She teaches in public international law, immigration and refugee law, and human rights law. Her research and publications have focused on issues related to the human rights and security-based implications of migration, citizenship and refugee laws and policies.

For more information about the book, or to obtain a copy, visit the official website of Éditions Yvon Blais.

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