On the Margins of Trans Legal Change: Professor Samuel Singer guest edits special issue of the Canadian Journal of Law and Society

Posted on Thursday, January 7, 2021

Professor Samuel Singer is the guest editor of a new special issue of the Canadian Journal of Law and Society, entitled On the Margins of Trans Legal Change, with fellow guest editor Ido Katri (University of Toronto). The publication is the continuation of a project seeking to amplify trans legal studies in Canada, which was the focus of a conference at McGill University’s Faculty of Law in May 2019.

“At this pivotal moment of formal trans equality amidst continued marginalization for many trans people, this special issue provides a forum for reflection and offers potential roadmaps for future advocacy and scholarship,” says Professor Singer.

On the Margins of Trans Legal Change brought together community members, advocates, lawyers, and scholars to discuss recent trans legal changes and their limitations at a public conference. The public conference, which was chaired by Professor William Hébert (Carleton University), was followed by an academic workshop for scholars who shared feedback and also benefited from the mentorship of Professor Brenda Cossman (University of Toronto, Faculty of Law), Dean Robert Leckey (McGill University, Faculty of Law), and Professor Viviane Namaste (Concordia University, Simone de Beauvoir Institute & Women’s Studies). The project was funded by a SSHRC Connection grant, with Dean Robert Leckey as principal investigator and Professor Singer as co-investigator.

This special issue of the Canadian Journal of Law and Society is the culmination of the On the Margins of Trans Legal Change project.

“Despite recent legal changes in Canada, marginalization and exclusion remain part of the lived realities of many trans individuals” says Professor Singer. “This special issue centres trans people while reflecting critically on recent trans law reforms and their limitations.  It is attuned to the ways that law contributes to marginalization, while acknowledging the protections it may grant in some circumstances.” 

Click here to read the complete issue online.

Congratulations to Professor Singer, his fellow guest editor Ido Katri, and to all of the contributors.

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