Indigenous Pathways Statement

Posted on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The University of Ottawa Faculty of Law recognizes that it is on Algonquin land in a territory where Algonquin legal orders have operated for millennia, and continue to do so today. As a Faculty we are committed to education that is multi-juridical including Indigenous laws and legal orders, common law, and civil laws. We provide space for all students to learn, interrogate and critique all law in a professional, ethical and respectful way. 

We believe in the values of respect and reciprocity of relationships and are committed to fostering knowledge and skills relating to Indigenous laws, Indigenous peoples, anti-discrimination and the full implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action and United Nations’ Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Our teaching, research and service will engage Indigenous knowledge, legal orders, governance, nations, communities and people. With open minds and hearts, we commit ourselves to creating and maintaining an institution of legal pedagogy that amplifies and features Indigenous pedagogy, methodology and research. Our research is interdisciplinary, inclusive and committed to the service of the community. This commitment includes providing decolonizing spaces, pedagogies, and knowledge in order to prepare our learners, staff and faculty for participation in respectful and reciprocal relationships with Indigenous peoples and communities.

This law school will not shy away from recognizing the destructive nature of colonial law on Indigenous peoples’ political and cultural survival. The Faculty has a role to play in correcting past cultural and legal arrogance and will be fully respectful and inclusive of Indigenous legal theory, laws and processes as an integral part of what we call Canadian law.


Adam Dodek


Faculty of Law (Common Law Section)

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