Faculty of Law Remembers Anne McDougall (1931-2019)

Posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2019

On May 6, 2019, the Faculty of Law lost a true friend and visionary in Anne McDougall.   Over the course of the last two decades, Mrs. McDougall and her family supported the Faculty of Law financially, personally and emotionally.

In 2000, Common Law alumnae Maureen McTeer introduced her friend Anne McDougall to the Dean of Common Law. Anne explained that her husband, Edward “Barry” McDougall, a UBC law graduate and energy law expert, had passed away in 1999.  She and her children wanted to do something special to celebrate his life.  Anne explained that Barry had served as a volunteer board member with the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) to promote the Association's legal programs in Central and Eastern Europe with young lawyers . Barry and Anne travelled with the CBA professional development team to Eastern Europe each summer. They developed close personal relationships with many of the interns and others from Poland.  Anne explained that she and her children would like to set up a memorial gift at a Canadian law school to help law students in Poland.  

So began the Edward Barry McDougall Memorial Scholarship sponsoring one graduate law student from a Polish university each year to spend a year in Ottawa to obtain a Master’s degree at uOttawa’s Faculty of Law.  In 2006, the family decided to also sponsor a Polish law teacher annually to visit uOttawa and to teach a course to Common Law JD students.  To this day, the Edward Barry McDougall Memorial Scholarship remains one of the most generous and successful scholarships available in the entire university.

Former Dean Bruce Feldthusen remembers Anne for contributing much more to the scholarship than generous financial support.  Anne reached into her networks in Ottawa and in Poland to establish volunteer groups to promote the scholarship and to assess the strengths of the candidates.  After the annual selection meeting Anne would write a check and thank Feldthusen profusely for the opportunity she felt the law school had given her.  She would personally inspect and if necessary clean the student apartment where the recipient would be housed.  Anne would welcome the student to Ottawa with little gifts as they disembarked at the Ottawa Airport.  She invited them to her home and to her cottage.  She hosted welcoming events at her home, and seemed to invite half the law school professors and staff to join them.  Anne would then stand quietly in the background as her son Drew masterfully delivered perfect remarks, thanking everyone but especially the students and his mother.

Since 2001 the scholarship has been awarded every year, making 18 recipients to date.  In 2012 a special reunion was held for the recipients in Warsaw, hosted by the Canadian Ambassador at the Canadian Embassy.  Ten of the eleven recipients attended.  The eleventh was out of the country at the time, but he was represented by his mother.  One could not imagine a more successful group of young lawyers, all high achievers in private and public practice, business and academia.  Two of them would later return to Common Law as visiting McDougall professors.  Nor could one imagine a more appreciative group. They were grateful, but beyond that they were simply overjoyed to reconnect with Anne McDougall.  Anne was deservedly granted the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland in honour of her contribution to Poland through the Edward Barry McDougall Memorial Scholarship.  

Anne McDougall was a true donor, who gave from her heart and invested herself personally.  She changed the lives of the 18 recipients and she enriched the graduate program at the Faculty of Law.  The Faculty would like to thank Anne, her children Drew, Catherine and Elizabeth and their children for their tremendous support.  We know Anne will be missed.

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