Edmonton Reception with Peter Chiarelli

Posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Photo of Peter Chiarelli, Dean Adam Dodek and the Common Law Logo

Faculty of Law, Common Law alumnus Peter Chiarelli (LL.B. 1991) was officially inducted into the Common Law Honour Society on Wednesday, March 29, 2018 at the Rogers Centre in Edmonton. A group of Common Law and uOttawa alumni in Edmonton were in attendance at the event.


Mr. Chiarelli shared stories and anecdotes from his time working with three National Hockey League clubs (Ottawa Senators, Boston Bruins, Edmonton Oilers), and how he uses his law degree every day as part of his role as President of Hockey Operations and General Manager of the Oilers. He graciously answered questions from those in attendance, and spoke at length about his time in the NHL, which is closing in on 20 years (he joined the Senators in 1999).


A native of Ottawa, Mr. Chiarelli brought the Stanley Cup to the University of Ottawa campus after his victory with the Bruins in 2011, giving generously of his time with the sport’s iconic trophy. He hopes to one-day repeat the feat with his current club, or wherever his path takes him.


Peter Chiarelli and Dean Adam Dodek

Dean Adam Dodek presenting the Common Law Honour Society certificate to Peter Chiarelli


Peter Chiarelli

Mr. Chiarelli, speaking during the event at the Rogers Centre


Peter Chiarelli and guests

Peter Chiarelli, meeting with alumni at the Rogers Centre


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