The CLTS welcomes Carlos Affonso Souza as uOttawa’s Visiting Professor

Posted on Monday, September 24, 2018

Dr. Carlos Affonso Pereira Souza (UERJ / ITS Rio) will be visiting the Centre for Law, Technology and Society (CLTS) in September as part of the Office of the Vice President, Research Visiting Researchers Program.

Invited by the CLTS’s Director, Florian Martin-Bariteau, Dr. Carlos Affonso Souza’s residency at the University of Ottawa will help facilitate the collaboration of future Canada-Brazil research projects in law and technology. It will also allow Prof. Souza to meet the other members of the CLTS team, including the three Canada Research Chairs in law, policy, and the ethics of technology.

His residency will provide students and the public with a new perspective (Global South, emerging countries) on technology-related issues. Prof. Carlos Affonso Souza will give a public lecture on September 26th. He will also participate in a discussion with CLTS researchers and graduate students in an upcoming workshop on issues of accountability and governance on the Internet.

Carlos Affonso Pereira Souza is a professor in the Faculty of Law at the Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ, Brazil), and at the Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio, Brazil), where he teaches courses on “Law and Technology” and Private Law (Contracts).  He holds a doctorate and a master's degree in private law from UERJ. He is the founder and director of the Instituto de Tecnologia e Sociedade do Rio de Janeiro (ITS Rio), one of the most renowned research centers in the field of law and technology in Latin America, and around the world. He is also an Affiliated Fellow  at the Information Society Project at Yale Law School.

Prof. Souza has been at the forefront of many international initiatives on Internet governance, participating actively on multistakeholder processes such as the United Nation’s Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and ICANN. Dr Souza is one of the leading authorities in Law & Technology issues in Brazil, where his work has been cited numerous times, with approval, by the highest courts. He is also a consultant for, the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee, on questions concerning the governance and regulation of the Internet.

A regular advisor to the Brazilian government, Prof. Souza and his colleagues Prof. Ronaldo Lemos and Prof. Sergio Branco, coordinated the research team that has assisted the Brazilian Government in the online public consultation that has lead to the approval of the Brazilian Internet Bill of Rights, a federal Law that regulates issues such as net neutrality, data protection and intermediaries’ liability. . He is the author of numerous books, articles, and other scientific contributions in the field of cyberspace law. In addition to Portuguese, he speaks English and Spanish.

Prof. Carlos Affonso Souza is currently leading the secretariat of the Global Network of the Internet & Society Research Centers, a collaborative initiative of the world's leading research centers in law and technology which focuses on interdisciplinary research on the development, social impact, political implications and legal issues concerning the Internet. This collective, which includes Harvard University, MIT, Stanford University, the University of Oxford, Tilburg University, and Politecnico di Torino, aims to increase collaboration between participating centers to stimulate the creation of new transnational, interdisciplinary discussions, debates, and lessons, learning and public commitments on the most important issues related to new technologies, social changes and regulatory developments.

The CLTS thanks the Office of the Vice-President, Research for the financial support provided to Professor Martin-Bariteau for organizing this residency.

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