Book Launch - "Disabling Barriers: Social Movements, Disability History and the Law"

Posted on Monday, November 20, 2017

Photo of Ravi Malhotra and his new book.

Ravi Malhotra, Full Professor of the Common Law Section and Vice Dean of Graduate Studies, has published a new anthology, Disabling Barriers: Social Movements, Disability History and the Law. Co-edited with Dr. Benjamin Isitt, an independent scholar and elected city councillor in Victoria, British Columbia, the collection weaves together the fields of law, history and disability studies in one volume.

Published by the University of British Columbia Press, it includes commentary on the history of disability policies in employment, an account of the exclusion of people with disabilities historically under Canadian immigration law, legal analysis of cases challenging the payment of wages to people with disabilities below the minimum wage, and analysis of the history of workers compensation law.

Professor Malhotra will launch the book on November 23 at 4:00 p.m. with a panel at the Human Rights Research and Education Centre. The panel features Professor Malhotra, nationally acclaimed historian Bryan Palmer, Ms. Odelia Bay, a PhD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School and an alumna of the Faculty of Law, and Ms. Megan Rusciano, a disability rights advocate in Maryland a recent alumna of the Faculty of Law.

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