2020 Canadian Lawyer magazine Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers awards

Posted on Monday, June 8, 2020

In March 2020, Canadian Lawyer magazine announced the list of nominees for its eleventh annual Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers awards.

The Faculty of Law, Common Law section is proud to congratulate all of our alumni and professors who have been nominated.


Samantha Biglou, JD '13


Audrey Ramsay, LLB '93
Erin Cowling, LLB '04
Robert Winogron, LLB '82

Government - Non Profit

Dianne Carter, LLB '95
Kathleen Lickers, LLB '93
Lise Maisonneuve, LLB '89
Paul LeBreux, LLB '91
Vicki White, LLB '96
Vivene Salmon, LLB '09

Human Rights, Advocacy and Criminal

Sherif M. Foda, LLL '10, JD '11

Young Influencers

Samantha Biglou, JD '13

Adrian Ishak, LLB '05, LLL '06
Caryma Sa'd, JD '15
Elsa Ascencio, JD '17
Lawrence David, Professor
Lou Janssen Dangzalan, LLL '16, JD '17
Nerissa Yan, JD '15
Pablo Tseng, JD '12
Paul Daly, Professor
Samantha Biglou, JD '13
Tara Vasdani, LLL '16, JD '16
Wassim Garzouzi, LLL '06, LLB '08

As described on Canadian Lawyer’s website:

The Top 25 Most Influential is not a lifetime achievement award but recognition of lawyers who have played a significant role in the legal profession and Canadian and international society in the last 18 months. Canadian Lawyer is defining “influential” as not just about bright stars, big deals, or number of media mentions — although those may play a part. It is about people who have power and influence the laws, justice system, and legal profession in Canada and abroad today.

The vote results will be announced in Fall 2020.


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