The Law of Partnerships and Corporations, 4/e

J. Anthony VanDuzer

August, 2018
Irwin Law
ISBN: 978-1-55221-468-8


This accessible and practical reference provides an overview of the essential features of the law governing business organizations in Canada, both in theory and practice. It is a comprehensive and up-to-date guide for practitioners and business people setting up and using sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations to carry on small businesses as well as a thorough introduction to the law and policy of public company governance.

The fourth edition has been fully updated to reflect developments in the caselaw and statutory reforms in the last decade. Dozens of new cases are cited. The 2018 amendments to the Canada Business Corporations Act are discussed, including the requirements for public corporations to report on the diversity of their boards of directors that are not yet in force. The chapters on securities law, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility have been significantly expanded. As well, features to improve the utility of the book have been added, such as more comprehensive cross-referencing throughout the text.

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About the author:

Tony VanDuzer’s main area of interest is international trade and investment. He has been a member of the Academic Advisory Council to the Deputy Minister for International Trade and participated in technical assistance projects relating to business and trade law in transition and developing economies, including Armenia, Bangladesh, China, El Salvador, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine and Vietnam. He has acted as an outside legal assessor for the Central and Eastern European Law Initiative of the American Bar Association in reviewing a draft Foreign Trade Law for Bosnia-Herzegovina and a draft Competition Protection Act for Bulgaria. He worked as a foreign expert advising on the development of a new foreign trade law for Russia which was passed by the Duma in 2005. Professor VanDuzer's publications include The Law of Partnerships and Corporations (now in its third edition) as well as articles on business, trade and investment law issues.

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