Insurance Law, 2nd Edition

Denis Boivin

April 2015
Irwin Law
ISBN: 978-1-55221-388-9


Insurance is everywhere in Canadian society: health, employment, transportation, commerce, industry, and communications are all sectors of activity affected by insurance. Whether public or private, compulsory or voluntary, insurance touches everyone on a daily basis. Where there are risks, there is a need for insurance — and one cannot live in the twenty-first century without encountering risk day in and day out.

The ubiquity of insurance comes at a cost. This price is paid by all Canadians and not only by those who hold insurance policies. Every year, Canadian policyholders pay billions of dollars in premiums to private insurance companies. Regulation is another consequence of the prevalence of insurance.

Canadian insurance law is a complex mixture of federal and provincial legislation, common law, and custom. This book offers a detailed survey of this regulatory patchwork, divided into three parts. Part 1 provides an introduction to the creation and enforcement of insurance contracts. The subject of Part 2 is the creation of an enforceable insurance contract. Part 3 examines the principles applicable to the enforcement of insurance contracts.

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About the Author:

Denis Boivin teaches and publishes in the areas of Torts, Insurance Law and Remedies. In 1999, the Canadian Association of Law Teachers awarded him the Schorarly Paper Award for his article "Factual Causation in the Law of Manufacturer Failure to Warn". A Fulbright Scholar, he is the author of four books, Insurance Law (2004 - Irwin Law), La responsabilité délictuelle en common law (2005 - Yvon Blais - with Louise Bélanger-Hardy), Le droit des assurances dans les provinces de common law (2006 - LexisNexis), and La réparation en common law et en equity (2012 - Yvon Blais). His English text on Insurance Law has been cited by the Supreme Court of Canada, by five different appellate courts (B.C., Ontario, Québec, N-B and Nfld.) and in many trial court decisions; his French book on insurance has been cited twice by the Québec Court of Appeal. 

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