Halsbury’s Laws of Canada – Mortgages (2019 Reissue)

Halsbury’s Laws of Canada – Mortgages (2019 Reissue)

Joseph Roach

July 26, 2019

LexisNexis Canada

ISBN: 9780433501138



The Mortgages title is a resource for those seeking a narrative of the legal rules relating to giving, taking and enforcing mortgage security while the Motor Vehicles title provides a systematic compendium of the law as it relates to the ownership and operation of motor vehicles.

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About the Author:

Joseph E. Roach is Emeritus Professor of Law and a graduate of the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section of the University of Ottawa, where he has been teaching property law, landlord and tenant law, and mortgage law for more than 40 years. He was the first Director of the French Common Law Program created at the University of Ottawa in 1977, and has played a key role in its development ever since, especially with respect to the French property law terminology. In light of his involvement in the Franco-Ontarian community he was awarded a life time membership with the Association des juristes d’expression française de l’Ontario.  He is also a member of the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Ottawa. He has published books in both French and English on mortgage law please see references below. He has also collaborated in the development of French Common Law terminology with the Centre of translation and legal terminology at the University of Ottawa as well as the Comity of Standardisation (PAJLO).

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