Canadian Tort Law, 11th Edition

Bruce Feldthusen, The late Honourable Allen M. Linden, Margaret Isabel Hall, Erik S. Knutsen, Hilary A. N. Young
LexisNexis Canada
October 24, 2018
ISBN: 9780433497264


The eleventh edition of the leading treatise on tort law in Canada continues the standard of excellence achieved by each previous edition and answers questions for all professionals in this field.

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About the Author:

Bruce Feldthusen is best known for his internationally recognized treatise Economic Negligence, now in its fifth edition, relied upon frequently by the Supreme Court of Canada. He has also published extensively about the law of personal injury and punitive damages, and about the use of tort law to advance the interests of survivors of sexual abuse. This multidisciplinary research includes extensive interviewing and publication of how survivors themselves experience the legal compensation processes. Professor Feldthusen was the research director for the Ontario Law Reform Commission’s 1989 study on Exemplary Damages which has been cited with approval and adopted in many common law jurisdictions in Canada and abroad. He has also written in the area of equality theory, and human rights law.

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