Apex Courts and the Common Law

Paul Daly
April 2019
University of Toronto Press
ISBN 9781487504434


For centuries, courts across the common law world have developed systems of law by building bodies of judicial decisions. In deciding individual cases, common law courts settle litigation and move the law in new directions. By virtue of their place at the top of the judicial hierarchy, courts at the apex of common law systems are unique in that their decisions and, in particular, the language used in those decisions, resonate through the legal system.

Although both the common law and apex courts have been studied extensively, scholars have paid less attention to the relationship between the two. By analyzing apex courts and the common law from multiple angles, this book offers an entry point for scholars in disciplines related to law – such as political science, history, and sociology – who are seeking a deeper understanding and new insights as to how the common law applies to and is relevant within their own disciplines.

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About the Author:

Paul Daly has won global recognition for his scholarship in the broad field of public law, the study of the norms and institutions of government. In particular, Professor Daly is an internationally established expert on the administrative state, which churns out thousands of decisions every day – touching all aspects of ordinary citizens’ lives, from life-or-death immigration decisions, to compensation for workers injured on the job, all the way to the content of cable television.

Using the resources of his University Research Chair in Administrative Law & Governance, Professor Daly will work to further enhance the relationship between the administrative state, individuals and the courts, understand the proper role of artificial intelligence in administrative law, and scrutinize the nature of legal controls on public power exercised by private entities such as Google and Facebook.  
Professor Daly’s academic work has regularly been cited by Canadian courts and administrative tribunals — his award-winning blog, Administrative Law Matters, was the first ever blog cited by the Supreme Court of Canada. Fluent in French and English, Professor Daly is a highly sought-after public speaker and has spoken at a wide variety of academic conferences, professional development programs and judicial education seminars, and is an accomplished media performer (Globe and MailToronto StarRadio Canada and The Economist).

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