Converting Your LL.B. to a JD

In May 2010, the University of Ottawa Senate approved a motion calling for the renaming of the Common Law degree from LL.B. to JD.  Alumni can convert their degrees by filling out and submitting the Request for Replacement of LL.B. Diploma by JD Diploma Form.

Request forms should be completed and sent to the Common Law Student Centre along with a copy of a valid piece of identification and if applicable a cheque in the amount of $90.00 (payable to University of Ottawa).

If the requester has changed his or her name since the initial degree was conferred, he or she must also supply the Request for name change form along with the appropriate supporting documentation. It is not necessary to send in the original (LL.B.) diploma.

Completed forms should be emailed or mailed to:

Common Law Student Centre
Fauteux Hall, room 237
57 Louis Pasteur
Ottawa ON K1N 6N5

New diplomas will be mailed to requesters within 8-12 weeks.

The JD diploma replaces the LL.B. diploma, but the date upon which the original degree was conferred will remain the same. Please note also that the JD does not bestow upon the recipient the title of “doctor.”

Click on the link for the Request for Replacement of LL.B. Diploma by JD Diploma Form.


Important – Additional copies of your Juris Doctor diploma

If you would like to order additional copies of your converted Juris Doctor diploma, please follow the instructions on the page Requesting academic documents.

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