Admissions FAQ

How many years of an undergraduate program do I need in order to apply to the University Of Ottawa Faculty Of Law?

In order to be admissible, all applicants, with the exception of mature students, must have completed the equivalent of three years of full-time undergraduate studies at a recognized university (equal to 90 credits), in any field, prior to beginning law school. Applicants are strongly encouraged to complete their undergraduate degree at a recognized university before beginning law school.

What undergraduate program should I study to prepare for law school?

Students at the law school come with undergraduate degrees in a wide range of disciplines, including commerce, engineering, philosophy, English, political science, economics, biology, sociology and international relations to name just a few. 

How are applications evaluated?

Applications are evaluated by reviewing the academic grade point average, LSAT score and writing sample, personal statement and biographical sketch. Letters of reference are used as additional information when necessary.

Do you have minimum admissions requirements?

Most successful candidates have at least an 80% or A- cumulative grade point average.

How is my CGPA calculated?

Your CGPA is calculated by combining the final grades obtained during every university undergraduate semester and dividing the total number of grade points by the total number of credits. Every year will count, as well any undergraduate level courses you may have taken as a special student. Grades obtained during graduate studies, college or Cégep will not be included in your CGPA.

I went on an exchange during my undergraduate degree. Must I complete an evaluation of foreign credentials from World Education Services?

You are not required to undertake credential evaluations by World Education Services, since you were simply on exchange. However, we will require a copy of your transcript from the exchange institution.

Will grades obtained during my exchange be considered during the calculation of my CGPA?

Unless the grades you received while on exchange are indicated on your home institution transcript (and have been converted to your home institution scale), they will not be used in the calculation of your CGPA. These will count towards your total number of units.

How important is the LSAT?

The Faculty of Law does not have a cut-off or minimum score requirement. However, the Law School looks for an LSAT score above the 70th percentile. An excellent grade point average and well-written personal statement can compensate for a lower LSAT.  Personal and/or professional experience that is relevant to a person’s application, as well as outstanding achievements, may also affect the Admissions Committee’s decision. 

When should I write the LSAT?

The Faculty strongly recommends that applicants write the LSAT by November 2018. It must be written by January 2019 at the latest. Please note that the results of the January 2019 LSAT will not be available until late February. An application is incomplete and not evaluated until all documents are received, including LSAT results.

If I write the LSAT more than once, which score is used?

An LSAT score is valid for five years. If more than one LSAT score is reported, all LSAT scores within the past five years will be seen and considered by the Admissions Committee. Generally, we place emphasis on the highest LSAT score reported.

Does the Faculty of Law have any special access or special category programs?

Yes, the Faculty of Law has special application categories. Consult the First Year Applicants webpage for additional information.

Does the Faculty of Law have a mature applicant category?

Yes, the Faculty of Law has a mature applicant category. Mature applicants are those who have or will have five or more years of work or other non-academic experience since completing secondary school studies. For more information, consult the Mature Applicants  webpage. 

When can I expect an answer regarding my application?

The Faculty of Law carefully reviews all applications, and we will make every effort to notify applicants of decisions by late May. We appreciate your patience. Once a decision has been reached, your uoZone account will be updated.

What is the status of my application?

You can access information on the status of your application via the uoZone student portal. We strongly recommend that you consult your uoZone account regularly, as we communicate important information to applicants through this tool. Changes in your status will appear in uoZone first.

When must I respond to my offer of admission?

The response date is indicated on your uoZone account under “How to accept your offer of admission”.

My uoZone account states that my application is incomplete; however, OLSAS has received all of my documents. What should I do?

It can take a couple of days for the information to be updated on your uoZone account. If OLSAS has received all of your documents, the Faculty will as well.

How do I submit my deposit?

There are different ways in which you can submit your deposit. Log into your uoZone account, select the “Current applications” tab and click on “Learn more about payment methods”. This website will provide information regarding the different methods of payments, including details on how to submit the $500 non-refundable deposit.

When will my acceptance to my offer of admission become firm?

You acceptance will become firm in July. OLSAS will be able to provide you with an exact date.

Is there an appeal process to a decision?

All decisions of the Admissions Committee are final and cannot be appealed.

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