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Un système de soins médicaux à deux vitesses sera-t-il l'avenir ? Le financement privé dans le système de soins de santé canadien

6, 7 avril 2018


Keynote Panel: The Past, Present and Future of Private Finance for Medicare in Canada

Martha Jackman
Greg Marchildon
Danielle Martin
Robyn Tamblyn(Chair)

Panel 1: Lessons from Other Countries on Parallel Private Finance for Medicare

Fiona McDonald
Steve Thomas
Gail F. Paech(Chair)

Panel 2: The Politics and Economics of Private Finance for Medicare in Canada

Jeremiah Hurley
Mark Stabile
Ake Blomqvist
Jeffrey Turnbull(Chair)

Panel 3: Setting the Context: The Politics of Private Finance and Queues

Carolyn Tuohy
Katharine G. Young

Panel 4: Legislative and Policy Options – Part I

Sara Allin
Vanessa Gruben
Bryan Thomas
Allan Rock (Chair)

Panel 5: Legislative and Policy Options – Part II

Michael Rachlis
Colleen M. Flood
Patrick Fafard(Chair)

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