The Shirley Greenberg Chair
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About the Greenberg Chair

Founding of the Chair:

In 2005, Shirley E. Greenberg, retired lawyer and class of 1976 alumnus, made an outstanding  donation in support of  activities related to women and the legal profession, permanently endowing the Shirley E. Greenberg Chair for Women and the Legal Profession in the Common Law Section of the Faculty of Law. Beginning with her annual support in 2002, legal issues that are important to women have received wonderful support from Ms. Greenberg. Thanks to this generous gift,the Greenberg Chair is now permanently established at the law school.

Role of the Chair:

The Shirley E. Greenberg Chair will be held by professors in the University of Ottawa,  Faculty of Law.  It is designed to circulate among qualified feminist faculty members.  The holder of the Chair works with a large existing group of feminist scholars, all committed to women’s equality through law, to encourage women to enter the profession, to train legal professionals to deliver services to women, to connect women in law school with women in the legal profession, and to further law reform and research impacting on women as clients and women in the profession.


2002-2005: Professor Elizabeth Sheehy

2005-2007: Professor Sanda Rodgers

2007-2011: Professor Martha Jackman

2011-2013: Professor Rosemary Cairns Way

Current: Professor Elizabeth Sheehy

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