Breakthroughs in the health sciences offer tremendous hope to patients and the public. But with progress, new sets of legal, regulatory and ethical challenges emerge.  The interdisciplinary Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics is a hub for the generation of new ideas and evidence and the development and dissemination of interdisciplinary research designed to tackle these pressing health, health care and health system issues. 

Past Events

Watch Hugo M. Alves and Michael D. Lickver on "The Future of Marijuana and the Law"

Watch Hossein Raeesi, Renos K. Papadopoulos, Doug Gruner and Colleen M. Flood on "The Refugee Crisis and Mental Health"

Did you miss the National Health Law Conference?  

Watch the Friday lunch talk on robotics by Ian Kerr

Watch The Future of Global Health panel with Steven Hoffman and Chidi Oguamanam

Watch The Future of Quality and Safety panel with Elaine Gibson, Lorian Hardcastle and Tom Archibald

Watch David Naylor on "Unleashing Innovation: Excellent Healthcare for Canada" with comments by Karen Eltis, Patrick Fafard and Jeffrey Simpson

Watch Steven Lewis on "Does the Canada Health Act Matter Anymore and Could It?"

Watch Trudo Lemmens on "The Privatization of Pharmaceutical Knowledge and the Role of Law" with comments by Amir Attaran



Apply now for new CIHR opportunities for social scientists working in public/population health.

See this brochure for information on opportunities for graduate students at the Centre, including our recently approved LLM concentration in health law.


Ottawa Conference on Medical Assistance in Dying

Final Program

A patient's perspective with Karen Nicole Smith

Globe and Mail article "Catholic hospitals have no right to refuse assisted dying" by Daphne Gilbert

Ottawa Citizen article featuring the Ottawa Conference on Medical Assistance in Dying

CMAJ articles (1 and 2) featuring the Ottawa Conference on Medical Assistance in Dying

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