Choice of evaluation method S/NS for the January course

The form for the “Satisfactory/Non Satisfactory” method of evaluation for the January Term is available online, and you may return your completed form in person to the Common Law Student Centre (FTX 237) or submit it via email to Please note that you must submit your form no later than 4:30pm on January 19 th.

No requests will be accepted after 4:30pm on January 19 th and your choice is final. No changes will be permitted after the deadline.

Generally speaking, we encourage students to take no more than 4-5 S/NS courses throughout their law degree (this may include a Student-Proposed Internship or a School-Sponsored Internship).

Please also take into account that in order to be eligible to the Dean's Honour List (Academic rule 17.6) a student should have completed at least 9 units with alphanumeric grades during the term.

  • If you are registered to a January course that is being evaluated on a “satisfactory/non satisfactory” basis it is not necessary to complete this form.
  • If you are registered to a January course that is being evaluated alphanumerically and you wish to receive an alphanumeric grade for your course, you should not fill out this form.
  • If you are registered to a January course that is being evaluated alphanumerically and you wish to being evaluated on a “satisfactory/non satisfactory” basis, you will need to fill out this form.

Please find below the method of evaluation by default for each January course:

Course Code Title Grading method 
CML2311 J00 Mortgages Alphanumeric
CML2743 J00 Droit commercial Alphanumeric
CML3119 JA00 Studies in Oral Advocacy: Strategic Trade Policy and Trade Negotiations Alphanumeric
CML3120 J200 Moot Court Competition: International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition Alphanumeric
CML3120 J300 Moot Court Competition: Walsh Family Moot Alphanumeric
CML3120 J400 Moot Court Competition: BLSAC Julius Alexander Isaac Diversity Moot Alphanumeric
CML3120 J500 Moot Court Competition: Bowman Tax Moot Alphanumeric
CML3125 J00 National Aboriginal Law Moot: Kawaskimhon "Speaking with Knowledge" Alphanumeric
CML3127 J00 Wilson Moot Competition Alphanumeric
CML3139 J00 WTO/ELSA WTO Law Moot Alphanumeric
CML3140 J00 Canadian Corporate/Securities Alphanumeric
CML3142 J200 Intellectual Property Advocacy: The Harold G. Fox Intellectual Property Moot Alphanumeric
CML3154 J100 Trial Advocacy Alphanumeric
CML3154 J200 Trial Advocacy Alphanumeric
CML3158 JA00 Criminal Justice Trial Advocacy Alphanumeric
CML3165 J00 Arnup Cup Alphanumeric
CML3171 J00 Student Proposed Internship S / NS
CML3173 J600 Amnesty International Canada S / NS
CML3173 JD00 Entrepreneurial Business Law  S / NS
CML3173 JF00 Global Affairs Canada S / NS
CML3173 JR00 Russomanno Criminal Law S / NS
CML3173 JS00 Dispute Resolution and Professionalism Internship  S / NS
CML3177 J00 Department of Justice Internship S / NS
CML3180 J00 Environmental Law Clinic S / NS
CML3234 J00 Labour Law II Alphanumeric
CML3251 JE00 Directed Research Alphanumeric
CML3251 JF00 Recherche dirigée Alphanumeric
CML3316 JA00 Technology Law Internship S / NS
CML3316 JB00 Technology Law Internship: Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) S / NS
CML3351 JB00 War Crimes Research Office January Term Exchange Program Alphanumeric
CML3351 JE00 Directed Research Alphanumeric
CML3351 JF00 Recherche dirigée Alphanumeric
CML3351 JG00 National Security Crisis Law: Part 1 Alphanumeric
CML3351 JR00 Ontario Court of Justice Practicum Alphanumeric
CML3374 JA00 Law and Society: Child Protection Law Alphanumeric
CML3376 JA00 Professional Responsibility Alphanumeric
CML3377 J00 Taxation Policy: Tax Avoidance: General and Specific Issues Alphanumeric
CML3514 J00 Concours Charles-Rousseau Alphanumeric
CML3515 J00 Coupe Guy-Guérin Alphanumeric
CML3524 J00 Tribunal-École Moncton-Ottawa Alphanumeric
CML3571 J00 Stage proposé par l'étudiant S / NS
CML3573 JM00 Affaires mondiales Canada S / NS
CML3573 JN00 Stage en droit : Programme de stage en droit fiscal S / NS
CML3577 J00 Stage en droit - Ministère de la Justice S / NS
CML3580 J00 Clinique de droit de l'environnement S / NS
CML3716 JA00 Stage en droit et technologie: Entreprises et gouvernement Alphanumeric
CML3716 JB00 Stage en droit et technologie: Clinique d'intérêt public et de politique d'internet au Canada  Alphanumeric
CML3795 JA00 Droit et informatique : Dimensions politico-théoriques Alphanumeric
CML3922 J00 Tribunal-école international Philip C. Jessup/Philip C. Jessup International Moot Alphanumeric
CML3923 J00 Laskin Moot Alphanumeric
CML4100 JA00 Dispute Resolution Practicum Alphanumeric
CML4100 JB00 Dispute Resolution Practicum Alphanumeric
CML4106JC00 Studies in Private Law: Pensions and Benefits Alphanumeric
CML4107 JA00 Studies of Business Law: Small and Solo Practice Alphanumeric
CML4108 JA00 Studies in International Law: Law of International Organizations Alphanumeric
CML4108 JB00 Studies in International Law: Law and Multilevel Governance Alphanumeric
CML4109 JB00 Studies in Human Rights: Representing Law Through Visual Arts Alphanumeric
CML4111 JA00 Studies in Criminal Law: Comparative Criminal Law Alphanumeric
CML4111 JC00 Studies in Criminal Law: Mental Health Issues and Criminal Law Alphanumeric
CML4111 JD00 Studies in Criminal Law: The Trial of a Murder Alphanumeric
CML4114 JB00 Advanced Indigenous Health Law Alphanumeric
CML4114 JN00 Law and Neuroscience Alphanumeric
CML4115 J00 European Union Law Alphanumeric
CML4137 JA00 Puerto Rico Exchange Course: Feminist Legal Issues S / NS
CML4137JB00 Puerto Rico Exchange Course: Foundations of Intellectual Property S / NS
CML4200 JA00 Indigenous Women's Legal Advocacy Alphanumeric
CML4347 JN00 Property Alphanumeric
CML4500 J00 Stage en résolution de différends Alphanumeric
CML4509 JA00 Études matière des droits de la personne Alphanumeric
CML4514 JB00 Études intensives/Thème choisi en droit: L'analyse de données juridiques Alphanumeric
CML4914 JA00 Études intensives/Intensive Studies: Droit et changements climatiques/Law and Climate Change Alphanumeric


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