Financial Aid Administrator

The Financial Aid Administrator working in the Faculty of Law (Common Law) can assist law students in navigating the University of Ottawa Financial Aid system. She is able to provide one on one counseling, help you if you have questions concerning scholarships, bursaries and awards and can provide general information on student loans.

Please note, however, that you must consult with the central University’s Financial Aid and Awards Service for details or any questions you might have on your specific Federal and Provincial student loans.

If you are a student and wish to book an appointment with the Financial Aid Administrator, click on the Appointment tab in The Source.

The Financial Aid Administrator also works with donors of scholarships, bursaries and awards/prizes.  If you are a current scholarship, bursary award/prize Donor, or would like to become a Donor, please feel free to contact the Financial Aid Administrator.

Line Piché
Financial Aid Administrator
57 Louis Pasteur St., room 233
Ottawa, On K1N 6N5
613-562-5800 Ext: 3446

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