Nathalie Des Rosiers and François Larocque Earn Grant for International Human Rights Symposium Marking Canada’s 150th

Posted on Thursday, February 2, 2017

Former Common Law Dean Nathalie Des Rosiers and Interim Dean François Larocque have earned a Connection Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) for a symposium entitled “CANADA 150 - 150e anniversaire de la Confédération canadienne au sein des Amériques: le rôle du Canada à l'égard de la protection des droits de la personne” [“150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation within the Americas: Canada’s role in the protection of human rights”].  They are joined in this initiative by the Civil Law Section’s Nelson Ovalle Diaz as a co-investigator, as well as Professor John Packer, Director of the Human Rights Research and Education Centre, and Jolane Lauzon of the Department of Justice Canada, as collaborators. 

In the year of the 150th anniversary of Confederation, this symposium seeks to address Canada's role in the protection of human rights in the Americas, identifying both the areas where Canada has played a leading role in promoting and protecting human rights, as well as the areas where it has fallen short of its international obligations.

Initiated by Nathalie Des Rosiers prior to her election to Ontario’s legislative assembly last fall, this symposium is part of a larger program aimed at sharing the knowledge of an international network of experts on Canada's role in protecting human rights in the Americas. The program includes three thematic conferences (January-March 2017) at the University of Ottawa, UQAM and the Central University of Chile, focusing on LGBT communities, women's rights and Aboriginal peoples. These events will culminate in an international symposium in May, leading to the preparation of a report of policy recommendations circulated among networks of professionals, the media and policy makers.

Funding for this symposium will come from a subset of SSHRC’s Connection Grants program, called Connecting for Canada’s 150th, which aims to support events and outreach activities that underscore the contributions that social sciences and humanities research has made to Canadian society over the course of the last 150 years.  In addition to the money they are receiving from SSHRC, the symposium organizers will also receive funding from the Common Law Section and uOttawa’s Conference/Workshop on Campus Opportunity (CWCO). 

Congratulations to Nathalie Des Rosiers, François Larocque, Nelson Ovalle Diaz and John Packer!

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