Prof. Dodek Publishes "In Search of the Ethical Lawyer"

Posted on Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Professor Adam Dodek has edited a new book, with Professor Alice Woolley of the University of Calgary, entitled In Search of the Ethical Lawyer: Stories from the Canadian Legal Profession (UBC Press), in which leading Canadian legal academics and lawyers explore the tensions between ethics and the law through real-life stories.

The stories included in the book are both inspiring and, occasionally, troubling.  Prof. Dodek himself relates a story from Smith v. Jones, exploring what can happen when client confidentiality comes into conflict with the public good.  Other experts contribute stories that, for example, examine the choices made by Paul Bernardo's lawyer, delve into the fight to free David Milgaard from jail, and demonstrate how women and minorities are marginalized within the legal profession.  The book seeks, ultimately to raise important questions about what it means to be a "good" lawyer.

Click here for more information about In Search of the Ethical Lawyer.

Click here to download the Foreword from Paul Wells, the Table of Contents, and the Introduction.

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