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Pro Bono Legal Services

The backbone of the BLC’s program is the provision of pro bono, business-oriented legal services. The BLC operates as a hub, meaning that it connects clients with supervising lawyers and law students. Legal services are performed by students enrolled in the BLC course under the supervision of experienced practitioners, who are ultimately responsible for the quality of the work.

The BLC operates during the academic year (September to May), and students are expected to devote at least ten hours per week to client work. In addition, during the fall semester, students receive three hours of instruction per week in professional responsibility and various practical aspects of business law. 

In order to receive services through the BLC, prospective clients must satisfy its financial eligibility criteria. Specifically, prospective clients must demonstrate a significant need for legal services and an inability to pay for them. This assessment is based on the prospective client’s financial disclosure, which includes notices of assessment and financial statements. 

To apply for assistance through the BLC, please email us at

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